Life Insurance

Buying Life Insurance: How Much Do You Need?

It’s an unfortunate fact that death and taxes are the only two guarantees in life. We’d like to add buying life insurance to that list. We understand that life insurance is kind of a morbid industry. The whole point of life insurance is for an insurance company to pay a specified amount to your family after…
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Converting your term life insurance policy

Term Life Insurance Conversion: The Basics

We get a lot of clients who are nervous about life insurance. Whole life insurance seems so permanent and confusing. And term life insurance seems like it won’t last long enough. However, the process of converting your life insurance can be daunting.  The good news is that you are not locked into any policy forever.…
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Does My Insurance Policy Cover Coronavirus?

I think we can all agree that things are weird right now. 2020 started with so much promise and quickly devolved into quarantines and scary news stories with conflicting information about COVID-19.  As we all adjust to the new normal of working from home and social distancing, we’ve noticed that a lot of life insurance…
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common life insurance mistakes

4 Common Life Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re looking for life insurance, you have options. A lot of individuals think their age or having a previous medical condition automatically disqualifies them for affordable coverage which is not the case. The key to finding an affordable life insurance policy is to do your research and to have a good agent on your…
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