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Why Senior’s Need A Life Insurance Agent

If you’re looking for more information about life insurance, then you’re in the right place! We’re here to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all the information you may need, because we believe educating our clients about the industry is the best way to make sure that we’re helping them get the best rates possible. 

One of the best educational resources at your fingertips is the aid of a knowledgeable life insurance agent. And not just any agent – an independent life insurance agent. 

Why Do I Need An Independent Agent?

Imagine you’re about to buy a new bike. What is the first step in your search? Do you want a mountain bike? A road bike? A racing bike? A hybrid? What size tires are you looking for? What’s your budget? What can you get for that budget? How about accessories? You’ll need a helmet. Will you need bike shorts? New shoes?

Before making a big buying decision, you’re going to want to do your research. And what decision is bigger than the decision to protect you and your family?

Now, let’s say you’ve decided you need a racing bike, and you’re going to a store that specializes in bikes….but when you get there, you realize they specialize in BMX bikes. Or, worse: you don’t realize the difference, and purchase the wrong kind of bike for your needs. 

When shopping for life insurance, a regular life insurance agent is a good start, but you run the risk of purchasing coverage that doesn’t meet all of your requirements. This is because non-independent life insurance agents work for specific companies. So what they’re trying to sell you will be from that specific company’s options. 

An independent agent is open to and knowledgable about all options. These individuals are well-versed in the life insurance field, and can help you find the best life insurance options to suit your needs. 

Seniors Need To Use An Independent Life Insurance Agent

For seniors, especially, using an independent life insurance agent is incredibly important. Age is one part of the overall picture you paint for insurance underwriters – and each carrier looks at age differently. Seniors shopping for life insurance often experience anxiety that their age will bar them from getting a good rating or adequate coverage. 

The problem with submitting your application to one carrier, is that you’re not getting the best policy for you, and you’re certainly not getting the best rates on your life insurance policy. Think of an independent life insurance agent as a senior advocate, who can look at every aspect of you and your needs, and present them favorably to a multitude of insurance carriers. 

In fact, because independent agents are so knowledgeable, that they can immediately weed out the carriers who will not fit your needs. This means that you’re getting the most accurate information right off the bat, and you know what to expect. An independent agent can help illustrate the differences in each carrier while advocating for you, getting you the best rates every time. 

Here’s what independent agents will review:

  • Your budget. Cost should not get in the way of life insurance protection – and seniors often find themselves on a budget due to retirement or a reduction in work hours. An independent agent will sit down with you and discuss your budgetary needs, and do their best to work within these constraints to find you the best coverage. 
  • Your needs. The life insurance needs for seniors can change drastically from years prior. Often, your families are grown and out of school, you’ve downsized your property, or you’ve paid off your home. This means the size of your policy might be smaller than you think you need! 

    Additionally, a straightforward, out-of-the-box policy on its own may not be adequate to cover you and your financial needs. An agent can explain to you all the rider options available to you, which will customize your policy to suit your specific needs. For seniors and those who have health, age, or other risk outliers, riders can make all the difference to the best coverage!
  • Your health.  Age does not need to be a barrier to affordable life insurance – especially if you’re healthy. And you may be healthier than you think! Especially to some carriers who may view your situation more favorably. 

    An independent agent will take the time to understand your health and your family’s health history, and will explain to you the type of ratings and premiums you can expect with these ratings. Having someone else present your health history and current health is incredibly important, because they are able to take a high-level look at your situation. Let’s say, for example, that you have diabetes, but are taking proactive steps to manage your weight, following your doctor’s regimen closely, and monitoring your insulin levels. These are all positive factors that can change how underwriters view your risk as a diabetic. 

To find a life insurance policy that covers your needs, that fits your budget, and that views your situation with favor you need an independent life insurance agent. If you are a senior, you face many stigmas when shopping for health insurance, but this does not have to be a deterrent to finding the right policy for you. Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your senior life insurance options.